horrible phone pic of a bunch of hayden’s dorks

I miss my long flowing mermaid locks but am enjoying the opportunity for androgynous selfies


Sonnet / Part IV

Kind of a weird update this time — I decided to cram in another segment after part 3, making this part 4, and the previous update the beginning of part 5. Yeah. Uh, I promise the updates from here on will be linear (but if you see an opportunity for windblown flower petals in your comic, you owe it to yourself to take it.) Thank Lindsey for putting up with my whims and working her poetry magic on short notice <3

If the image resolution/text is too small, read the update on the website here.

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Sonnet is also available as a series on Tapastic.

Reblogs appreciated as always to help others discover the comic!

bb serpent for today’s sketch dailies topic

I set up the ps2 in my apartment and finally played Prince of Gradual Shirtlessness

Full version of my piece for the Animystics show at Light Grey Art Lab! Prints are available here and part of the proceeds for the show goes to animal rescues in the Twin Cities area. I live way down in Florida and can’t attend the opening, but there’s a ton of great work in the show and you can check out the rest of it here.

so the intuous3 tablet i’ve had since high school stopped liking all of the computers i had access to after 2-3 years of life and has been gathering dust in my desk at my dad’s ever since. i plugged it into my macbook on a whim yesterday and it has suddenly deigned to work again. it’s an easter miracle.


hair pics

poorly lit haircut selfies for posterity 

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Half of an art trade with godsdragongirl (which I got disproportionately carried away with buuuut that’s how I do) featuring the stylish villain of her novels-in-the-works.

Wouldn’t be right not to draw Albert with some flowy cape action too

Can’t seem to get in the zone with these next few pages, so naturally I distract myself further by designing knight pinups

for today’s “valkyrie” prompt at sketch dailies

i haven’t learned to tell the difference between “warmup” and “waste of time” but whatever, winged warrior ladies!

Previews of my piece for the upcoming Light Grey Art Lab show, Animystics! @lightgreyartgallery

Are you planning on taking commissions any time in the near future?

Yep! Once I finish up the second half of this comic I’m going to take a break from spending all my downtime on bigger projects and do a round of commissions. Can’t say exactly when that will be, but stay tuned!

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