is friday knights still a thing? here’s a lady in armor.

wanted to draw something that wasn’t knights, horses, or knights on horses


A portrait of Albert’s parents, Girard and Adrienne. A few more family members will make an appearance later in the comic, but for now here are these cuties in their younger days.

some doodles from the character meme

2, kelsey in what i wore to work today - 17, beat-up cristo - 18, tomas as a kid/adult - 4, the knight boyfriends in swimwear

today is boring floating heads day apparently

dana the paranormal boyfriends are freakin adorable


Obligatory Valentine’s Day doodle.

A little late, but happy Drink Vodka and Draw OCs Being Adorable day

Ursula lookin’ fab, for @Sketch_Dailies

watched the pilot, drew everyone’s dumb face

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