Sonnet / Part VI

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All that’s left now is the finale!

re: my life right now

Thanks for all the messages and reassuring words y’all, I seriously appreciate it. Police report’s been filed, insurance claim’s being handled, my door’s getting fixed and I’m just trying not to think about all the work I lost. But for real, thanks so much for taking the time to leave notes and such, you guys are great and it’s helped a lot.

Also, welcome new followers? Ugh, things will return to regularly scheduled artness soon.

back up your stuff

So my apartment was broken into yesterday and apart from what I had posted on the internet and outdated backups on google drive, I have lost literally every kilobyte of creative material I’ve ever laid hands on in my life, nevermind a macbook and 27” display. They stole my crappy old tablet too, and left the pen. I JUST finished the next chunk of Sonnet pages and saved them in a draft, which thank God, they’re low res but at least I HAVE them.

Guys, back up your stuff. Right now. In the cloud, on a drive, everywhere, but not just in a drive that you keep plugged into the back of your monitor all the time in the event of computer failure. Don’t make my mistake. I’m going to pick myself back up and move forward because the project I care about is salvageable and I can’t do anything about the rest of my life’s work being evaporated, but seriously, back up your files, because this sucks.

Uh, comic pages tomorrow probably.

Royal siblings from the giant story project I’m nowhere near ready to tackle

more ocean studies


"Just because he’s a Demon Lord doesn’t mean he’s not into consent. We have a safe-word and everything."

"That’s good of him."

-Party wizard explaining why her demon/ antipaladin lover is totally okay to the cavalier

I couldn’t resist

Mako! Playing with color schemes.

one more beach scene for good measure

back from a week of vacation in various parts of new york! here are some fantasy nerds drawn in train stations and turbulence

Finished a thing that’s been sitting on my hard drive for months. Combining a love of baroque statues of archangels, green patina, limited palettes, and DRAGONS

watchin’ lotr

Pentels, or some other brand? Enjoy, but beware; they are a lot of fun, but can lure one into the world of fountain pens and experimenting with various inks…

So far these are my two favorites:



The Pilot is harder to control, but it’s really smooth and perfect for majestic flowing hair. The Kuretake is one of several really similar mediumish pens, but it’s softer than the Zebra equivalent and I like the heftier cap I guess.

And man, it’s only a matter of time before I fall headfirst into the fountain pen vortex. Jetpens in general is becoming a horrible addiction. 

Scored a handful of brush pens from jetpens and resolved to ruin as many sketchbooks as possible. I haven’t routinely kept one in years because all my work is digital and I’d worry too much about keeping the pages nice and pristine, but NO MORE! Ink scribbles and watercolor blobs everywhere!

Finished up a couple illustrations at work a few weeks ago for the front and back cover of a proposal related to California roadways/stormwater. Now when people ask me that weirdly ubiquitous question about whether or not my job is ~challenging me~ I can be like “yes, I had to draw a car.”

I tried to stick with official brand colors (hence the eye-searing orange — the second image had a much tighter deadline) but this is my favorite project I’ve done on the clock so far.

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