quick art trade with my buddy mandromeda of his magical undead guy

obligatory hipster AU

can you tell i ran out of tattoo ideas


EMAIL ME: dustedpages@gmail.com

I’m not completely through with my current commission queue (almost!) but something really big has come up that can’t wait!

We finally have the opportunity to move out!

By circumstance or sheer luck, my mother found out about a mobile home a man wanted to get rid of. We live in the countryside, so it’s pretty common for people to own, rent, and sell mobile homes. It’s in perfectly good shape, but he doesn’t live in it anymore and it’s just sitting uselessly on his property. My mom convinced him to hold onto it and instead sell it to her and my stepfather for only $1k (which is ridiculously low).

My stepfather is going to help us pay for some of the work that will need to be done on it, as well as the cost to move it but we have to start making payments on it before the guy sells it to someone else who can afford to give him the full amount he’s asking for.

I refuse to let this opportunity pass, so I’m making this post so people know I need some new commission work (immediately) so I can start making payments to this guy and secure our place to own it. My husband is still looking for a job, and my stepfather is already putting out so much money to help us so I need to step up and get some money together to put down on the place.

This is the first actual opportunity I’ve had to get out of this rut my husband and I have been cascading down for years now. I desperately want our own place, our own real place where I can work and feel comfortable and safe, and this is literally such a rare chance it feels like a miracle.

PLEASE if you can’t commission me, please SIGNAL BOOST, REBLOG, tell your friends!! I need to get some work in IMMEDIATELY so I can give this man a down payment in the next few days before he sells it to someone. This means more to me than anything, and I have to do everything in my power to keep it from slipping away.

Thank you all so much!

Ashley’s a good friend of mine and does GREAT work. I’ve commissioned her multiple times, and whether it’s a simple sketch or a full illustration she always goes above and beyond in terms of amazing art magic. Her painting skills are splendid, and y’all should get in on this action or pass it along if you can!

a wizard for inktober day 1, starring a dying micron

Dragged out an ancient WIP and painted it into completion since it’s one of the few old art files I still have. The original draft was from almost two years ago. Characters are from a story thing set in the American Southwest - Anushka (right) belongs to devmunster.

A short one-off thing about witches and peace of mind that I slapped together during downtime this week. Hex (the lady) belongs to wittyandcharming


Sonnet / Part VI

Read the update on the website here if the text is too small on your dash.

New readers, start from the beginning.

Sonnet is also available as a series on Tapastic.

All that’s left now is the finale!

re: my life right now

Thanks for all the messages and reassuring words y’all, I seriously appreciate it. Police report’s been filed, insurance claim’s being handled, my door’s getting fixed and I’m just trying not to think about all the work I lost. But for real, thanks so much for taking the time to leave notes and such, you guys are great and it’s helped a lot.

Also, welcome new followers? Ugh, things will return to regularly scheduled artness soon.

back up your stuff

So my apartment was broken into yesterday and apart from what I had posted on the internet and outdated backups on google drive, I have lost literally every kilobyte of creative material I’ve ever laid hands on in my life, nevermind a macbook and 27” display. They stole my crappy old tablet too, and left the pen. I JUST finished the next chunk of Sonnet pages and saved them in a draft, which thank God, they’re low res but at least I HAVE them.

Guys, back up your stuff. Right now. In the cloud, on a drive, everywhere, but not just in a drive that you keep plugged into the back of your monitor all the time in the event of computer failure. Don’t make my mistake. I’m going to pick myself back up and move forward because the project I care about is salvageable and I can’t do anything about the rest of my life’s work being evaporated, but seriously, back up your files, because this sucks.

Uh, comic pages tomorrow probably.

Royal siblings from the giant story project I’m nowhere near ready to tackle

more ocean studies


"Just because he’s a Demon Lord doesn’t mean he’s not into consent. We have a safe-word and everything."

"That’s good of him."

-Party wizard explaining why her demon/ antipaladin lover is totally okay to the cavalier

I couldn’t resist

Mako! Playing with color schemes.

one more beach scene for good measure

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